Quadra Testimonials

“After diving into this 'fab four' of integrated soft synths, I can see how the Quadra could be an MVP in the studio and in a live setting, as it covers so much sonic territory right out of the box. Also, graphically speaking, it’s beautiful to...”

Doug Johnson Headshot
Doug Johnson

“I used Quadra heavily as a main pad in a song yesterday and it sounds incredible on its own, but even better in the mix. A lot of synth plugins sound great in solo but get them to sit in a mix can be a struggle. I'm finding Quadra (and a bunch of...”

Chris Coady Headshot
Chris Coady
Record Producer/Mixing Engineer
TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, and more.

“Cherry Audio's Quadra is spot-on, with rich analog sounds that layer up just like the original ARP Quadra. The interface is exactly like the original, so if you used the Quadra back in the day, you’ll enjoy!”

Dr. Fink Headshot
Dr. Fink
Prince and The Revolution

“Just brilliant, I have to say it’s a soundscape creator’s dream. Fantastic warm basses, laser-cutting screaming leads, or just one multi-preset gives you a full orchestral setup. The four-channel output mixer is excellent for rebalancing sounds...”

Jezz Woodroffe Headshot
Jezz Woodroffe
Film composer/Keyboardist
Black Sabbath, Robert Plant

“Cherry Audio has done it again! In need of some creative inspiration, I just scrolled through a whole bunch of Quadra presets, and after a few tweaks and edits to my liking, I easily programmed a new sound and the beginnings of a cool new song!...”

Jim Gilmour Headshot
Jim Gilmour

“I love the warmth that you’ve accomplished with the overall sound. You also captured the layout look so clean too! Congratulations on creating a masterpiece!”

Don Lewis Headshot
Don Lewis
Synthesizer pioneer/inventor of the Live Electronic Orchestra (LEO)
Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, and Sergio Mendez

“I had the pleasure of seeing Weather Report's Joe Zawinul and Genesis's Tony Banks live in their heyday - I'd see the ARP Quadra and was fascinated by its sound. It's 2021 and I have an incredible recreation of the classic Quadra on my computer....”

Sterling Campbell Headshot
Sterling Campbell
Drummer/songwriter, The B-52s, Duran Duran, Soul Asylum, Cyndi Lauper, Nena, Spandau Ballet, Gustavo Cerati, David Bowie

“OMG, monsterizer! The Cherry Audio Quadra tops it off! It makes me feel like running to buy a real one to have the hardware in my vault! Incredible job - you guys nailed it to the ground, this is killer!!!”

Fred Bensi Headshot
Fred Bensi
Missing Persons

“The ARP Quadra was always a bit of a mystery: unobtainable, and supposedly unreliable. I always wondered if it deserved the hype. After finally playing one, I totally understood what was special about it. Cherry Audio has once again knocked it out...”

Joe McGinty Headshot
Joe McGinty
The Psychedelic Furs, Ryan Adams, The Ramones, Martha Wainwright, Ronnie Spector, Spacehog, and many more

“Cherry Audio, You are amazing! Once again you knock it out of the park with Quadra - super authentic vintage vibe! You can’t go wrong - so much capability and functionality, and so great to have such a wonderful emulation of such a rare beast!!!...”

Phil Bennett Headshot
Phil Bennett

“Quadra is a mighty synthesizer with deep layering and sound design capabilities, capable of achieving that ‘Wall of Sound’ aesthetic all within a single patch. One capable synth!”

David Stowater
Sound Designer/Electronic Musician (as Sworn64)
Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, Bungie - Diablo IV, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, Destiny 2, Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, Guitar Hero, Skylanders

“Whilst the early 2500, 2600, and Odyssey have a special place in my heart, the later experiments are equally intriguing. The Quadra is quite the oddball and I was delighted to get to play one once. However, the odds of me ever owning one are...”