Voltage Module Designer Version History

2.9.2 (6/27/2024)

  • Fixed toggle button crash

  • Added new SetAlwaysRedrawEntireCanvas() function for canvas

  • Added new digital counter functions and speed improvements

  • Added a GetUserLibraryPath() function

  • Fixed possible GetSample() exception for stereo samples with smooth resampling.

  • Updated help tooltips in Module Designer library pane for new functions in system, digital counter, and canvas

  • Fix for adding screws breaking SVG backgrounds

  • Fixed macOS Extra Skins crash

  • macOS System Requirements raised to macOS 11 Big Sur. macOS Catalina support deprecated.

2.7.0 (12/1/2022)

  • Fixed jack conversion (mono->poly, input->output, etc.)

  • Fix test app freezing issue

  • Increased max number of CPU cores

  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

  • Updated with full support for macOS Ventura (OS version 13)

  • Fully compatible with Apple M1 Ultra processor

  • macOS Minimum System Requirement updated to macOS High Sierra (OS version 10.13)

2.5.5 (2/22/2022)

  • Added new APIs for getting module width, module disabled flag, and component display name.

2.5.3 (2/15/2022)

  • Added Apple M1 native support.

  • Various minor improvements.

2.3.4 (8/3/2021)

  • VoltageMouseKeyFlags leftButtonDown flag is false in left-button-up notification (and the same for right buttons) 

  • Repaired keyboard events that weren't working properly 

  • Right-click option to instantly convert input jacks to output jacks, mono jacks to poly jacks, and vice versa

  • Removed broken MIDI Learn options 

  • Fixed issue with skin dialog showing overwritten skins 

  • Extra Skins feature allows embedding of additional control skins not currently in use in the project 

  • Fixed bug related to semi-transparent background objects 

  • New optimization functions in Values API to help speed up some modules

2.2.5 (4/15/2021)

  • Fixed problems with components getting right-click messages on Mac

  • SetValueNoNotification() added to Module Designer library tab

2.2.4 (2/17/2021)    

  • Right-click menu now shows up for modules in test client

  • Fixed minor issues with control skins

2.2.3 (2/11/2021)  

  • Fixed issues with broken Run With Profiler feature

  • Fix for bug where new skin added to project may not stick

  • Fixed font issue with Arial Black on Windows

  • Added SetValueNoNotification() function for rare instances when this is useful in a complex module

  • Technical fix for drawing problem for any module with a member variable named "width"

2.0.30 (8/27/2020)

  • Module Designer panels are now detachable (Windows only) 

  • New thumbnail display dialogs for skins, knobrings, button overlays, and more.

  • LEDs now have 'intensity' based on value (from 0 to 1.0)

  • Minor bug fix in SmoothValue's SetFixedTime() function 

  • Fixed problem that prevented profiling from working

  • Fixed issue with deleting a control and then using undo to bring it back 

  • Added VoltageModule.GetCurrentKeyState()

  • Added slider background blank-pixel settings

  • Can now add {ticked} and {disabled} to drop-down menu items

  • All controls are notified of their initial values when running a module, to recreate the behavior of a module when loaded into Voltage Modular.

2.0.25 (7/10/2020)

  • Fixed minor bugs with the VoltageKeyboard API

  • Fixed minor issue with Most Recently Used list

  • Fixed minor issue with code regeneration when deleting a control and hitting undo

2.0.22 (06/26/2020)

  • Avoid mousewheel scrolling when buttons are down 

  • Updated library with additional functions 

  • Fixed rare crash in VoltageImage

  • Ability to export and auto-import Java code to/from an outside editor

  • Added double-click notification 

  • Added global manufacturer settings 

  • Added programmatic ability for one component to be child of another component 

  • Fixed parsing bug and debugging issues 

  • Fix for background artwork not being removable 

  • Fixed crash when using GlobalProperty functions and Enable Auto Complete function 

  • Fixed minor issues with Enable Auto Complete function

2.0.17 (06/01/2020)

  • Auto-updating for extra jar files

  • New "Reset" notification received when a module gets reset

  • New GetStateInformationForVariations() and SetStateInformationForVariations() functions to control what information gets saved in a variation  

  • Added new VariationLoadingStart and VariationLoadingFinish notifications  


  • Fixed possible crash that could occur while using the Find feature to search through source code.


  • Now compiles properly when JDK 12 and above is installed. Since Voltage Modular’s own custom Java engine is compatible with Java 11, when using JDK 12 or over, Module Designer will issue a command to the compiler telling it to compile Java code that is compatible with Java 11.  


  • Added preference for turning off tooltips in the module/library tree views

  • Templatized class names or classes that derived from or implemented templatized interfaces (i.e. ClassName<type>) show up properly in the 'module' tree view

  • Fix for compiling source code with Unicode characters in it

  • Added ability to set polyphony in the test app


  •   "Enable Auto Complete" feature added to preferences. Speeds up code development with automatic suggestions!  


  • After patching Voltage, we had to update Module Designer to match the version of Voltage Modular. (No changes, though)


  • Added GetDefaultValue() functions for many controls.

  • New notifications sent for start and end of loading module presets.

  • New Display Name and Internal Name fields have replaced old “Name” field.


  • QWERTY keyboard added


  • During debugging, will show you the values of variables if you hover your mouse over them. 

  • Can now load/save module presets in Module Designer debug mode 


  • Bug 10646 + library updates

  • Bug fixes, more automated comments

  • Added FastTanh() and FastAtan()  to library

  • Library tooltips now indicate which functions are native


  • Added SetMouseCursor functionality

  • Add Canvas mouse notifications

  • Audio shutdown fix

  • Added "Show Log Folder" button to preferences

  • Better duplicated control auto-naming

  • Properly storing knob ring skin name/UUID pairs in project file

  • Inter app communication process changes

  • Smaller project files option (in prefs)

  • Multi-output ASIO interface bug fix

  • Added OpenGL hardware acceleration (Option in preferences)


  • IsStereo() function added to VoltageSound

  • Fix for problem where Module Designer .vmod files kept growing larger

  • Problem saving ASIO multi-output selections

  • Added needed accessor functions to many Voltage Objects.

  • Added option to make knob rings independent of knobs.


  • Added poly jacks!

  • MacOSX can now double click VMODs to launch Module Designer

  • Fixed SetEnabled() to work properly with cable connections/disconnections

  • Added option to sliders to change the thumb and track size independently

  • Now listing all functions in the Module pane, including functions for additional source code.

  • Fixed debug breakpoint issues.


  • Added scrollbars

  • Added SetEnabled(bool) for controls

  • Listbox updated.

  • You can now use tooltips or hints for any control if you so desire.


  • Fixed crash in debug window when setting breakpoint in area without any code.

  • Matching brace logic added Ctrl+{ or Ctrl+}

  • Fixed demo logic for any module or future module.


  • VoltageCanvas.InvalidateRect docs wrong - parms are width & height, not right & bottom

  • Handle code editing when selection overlaps read-only area(s)

  • Removing pushed state from some templates

  • Pane management fixes/updates

  • Adding units property and SetUnits() to VoltageComponent

  • Add linear/logarithmic property for VU meters

  • Fixed blinking LED BlinkEvery()