Xenos Soundworks "Bygone Decades" Presets for Dreamsynth

Jun 17, 2022 | Xenos Soundworks

(Note: This post is regarding a preset collection designed and provided by a third party. All questions about purchasing, installing, and using the presets must be directed to the provider through the link provided. Cherry Audio does not provide support for third-party products or purchases made outside of its online store.)

Xenos Soundworks' 'Bygone Decades' Presets Pack contains a whopping 210 presets for Cherry Audio Dreamsynth, spanning 3 memorable eras, from the groovy 70s and totally rad 80s up to the mid 90s. This sound library is divided into 3 folders labeled "70s and 80s" (110 presets), "90s" (65 presets), and "Chiptune" (35 presets). A wide range of stylistic territory is covered here, great for adding a retro touch to whichever genre of music you produce.

Click through to the YouTube video and review the description for details about how to obtain this presets collection.