Vintage Layers: 80+ Retro Presets for Elka-X

Nov 9, 2022 | Xenos Soundworks

(Note: This post is regarding a preset collection designed and provided by a third party. All questions about purchasing, installing, and using the presets must be directed to the provider through the link provided. Cherry Audio does not provide support for third-party products or purchases made outside of its online store.)

Xenos Soundworks is back, this time with "Vintage Layers," a collection of over 80 presets for Elka-X.

'Vintage Layers' contains 80+ retro-inspired presets for Cherry Audio Elka-X. The "Dual" mode was used extensively to provide interesting layered textures and tones, as well as fatter leads, basses, etc. This sound library covers a wide range of moods, useful for everything from light-hearted Chillwave songs to dark and brooding Cyberpunk tracks.

What's Inside?

  • 16 Basses

  • 16 Keys/Polysynths

  • 16 Leads

  • 12 Pads

  • 7 Plucks

  • 6 Bells/Mallets

  • 5 Synth Brass

  • 4 FX Transitions

  • 3 Arps

  • 1 Synth Drum

  • 1 Cinematic Atmosphere

  • 1 FX Hit

Vintage Layers is available now from Xenos Soundworks