Adroit Synthesis Releases Granular Synth for Voltage Modular

Aug 9, 2022 | Adroit Synthesis

Adroit Synthesis, creator of the LSSP modules, has released Granular Synth, a powerful new module for microsound processing on the Voltage Modular platform.

Granular synthesis has become an increasingly popular synthesis technique in recent years. Similar to sampling, it is a method by which sounds are broken into tiny "grains" which are reorganized to create new sounds. Adroit Synthesis' new module applies these methods to either pre-recorded audio files or captured input using its integrated recording functionality. The Adroit Granular Synth is now available as part of the Granular Synth bundle in the Cherry Audio store for $45.00, and includes the Granular Synth and two supporting modules from LSSP XL that generate the chord and scale information for the Granular Synth's quantization, arpeggiation and granular chord facilities.

Adroit Synthesis has posted a demonstration video, First Encounter, to their YouTube channel:

A demonstration of the kind of thing you might experience in your first ten minutes of using the Granular Synth. It's just a pretty random exploration of basic features rather than an in-depth tutorial or a polished demo. It uses some of the built-in test samples (loaded by hitting the RECORD button when no input is connected).

Granular Synth documentation is available on the Adroit Synthesis website.

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