Automating Cherry Audio in FL Studio with Novation FLkey Controller

Jun 16, 2022 | Ian Walker

Ian Walker shows viewers how to automate Cherry Audio plugins like Mercury-4, Dreamsynth, Miniverse, and more in FL Studio using Novation's new FLkey Controller.

FLkey is specialized MIDI keyboard for making music in with for FL Studio’s Step Sequencer, Channel Rack and Mixer, and creative Scale and Chord modes.

In the video and his accompanying blog post, "DAW Plugins and the Holy Grail of hardware controllers," Ian demonstrates how Cherry Audio synths can be mapped to the controller and DAW so that users are quickly presented with options to tweak the parameters using FLkey's hardware-based knobs and dials. He also provides the script to enable this functionality in the FL Studio scripting forum (link on YouTube page video description).

demo tutorial