CatSynth TV - "A Page of Madness" (1926) Scored with CR-78, Elka-X, and More

Feb 29, 2024 | CatSynth TV

For their 555th episode, CatSynth TV brings you scenes from the 1926 Japanese avant-garde silent film A Page of Madness, directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa, with an original electronic-percussion score in 5/4. The 5/4 score is based on MIDI tracks by Jason Berry and Amanda Chaudhary, arranged and orchestrated by Amanda Chaudhary using the following instruments:

  • Cherry Audio's CR-78 Drum Machine and Elka-X

  • Arturia MiniFreak and OP-Xa V

  • Morphor Plectrum

  • Metasonix R-54 Supermodule

  • Strymon Starlab

  • EastWest Fantasy Percussion and Orchestral Percussion Gold

For more music, please visit Amanda Chaudhary's Bandcamp page.

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