CatSynth Journeys - CA Highway 49 with Chroma, CR-78, and Memorymode

Jun 6, 2024 | CatSynth TV

Amanda Chaudhary of CatSynth TV posts another "ride along" video featuring Cherry Audio instruments, including the new Chroma synthesizer. This time, it's not far away from Cherry Audio HQ in the Sierra National Forest!

We drive a short stretch of California Highway 49, the "Golden Chain Highway", as it descends into a deep valley cut by the Merced River (and partially submerged by the eastern end of Lake McClure). The section of road features numerous tight switchbacks before crossing a bridge over the river. This crossing is near the former community of Bagby, which was submerged when Lake McClure was formed.

The original music by Amanda Chaudhary is based around the rupak tal (7-beat) rhythm from Hindustani classical music. Instead of a tabla, we use the Cherry Audio CR-78 drum machine for the tal.


  • Cherry Audio CR-78, Memorymode, and Chroma

  • AudioModeling SWAM Solo Cello

  • Arturia MiniBrute 2 analog synth

  • Arturia Pigments and EFX Fragments

  • Waterphone from EastWest Stormdrum 2

  • AudioThing Wires

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