Audio Tech TV Reviews Mercury-6

Mar 17, 2023 | Audio Tech TV

In this video Zane from Audio Tech TV (formerly Simple Green Tech) looks at the Cherry Audio Mercury-6.

"This is a recreation of the classic Roland Jupiter hardware synth. If you're looking for an excellent Roland Jupiter-6 VST plugin this might be the one for you. In this video I do a bit of a walkthrough of the controls and listen to some of the presets. If you want more videos and tutorials on home studio recording and music production be sure to subscribe to Audio Tech TV on YouTube."

0:00 Intro to Cherry Audio's Mercury-6

0:20 Onboard Effects

0:36 Cherry Audio Menu Section

1:19 Presets Included With Cherry Audio Mercury-6

4:53 Splits In the Mercury-6

5:31 Controlling Settings

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