David Thom's New Sounds for Novachord + Solovox

May 24, 2023 | David Thom Creations

(Note: This post is regarding a preset collection designed and provided by a third party. All questions about purchasing, installing, and using the presets must be directed to the provider through the link provided. Cherry Audio does not provide support for third-party products or purchases made outside of its online store.)

David Thom Creations details the controls of Novachord + Solovox and demonstrates his new presets for both instruments.

"In this video I go over some background to the Novachord and Solovox instruments and explain the controls. I also demo some presets from my new DTC Novachord + DTC Solovox Packs. These packs include 20 brand new presets for each instrument. Within the packs is a mix of Soundscapes, Pads, Bass, Strings, Keys and SFX presets."

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