"Come What May" by The British Stereo Collective


The British Stereo Collective's new single features PS-20, Sines, Mercury-6, and Elka-X. All profits from this single go to benefit Solace Women’s Aid.

"A Gothic Elegy for December.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that this is the season for lights, celebration and jollity; providing a mask for the potential bleakness of winter and what, for many, is a time of reflection, longing and regret. The mask can slip, however.

Come What May (Bandcamp) appears in its original piano-led ‘school choir’ version on the album "Iniquitous," the forthcoming sequel to "Mystery Fields."

A haunted hymn of sorts, it acts as the theme song to the dark drama The Sins of the Living (adapted from the novel by Agatha Sheldon); a chilling, ghostly tale set in a Victorian boarding school. This alternate ‘single version’ – released in advance of the new album – has been reworked and reinvented; and features a haunting lead vocal by Subphotic’s Rebecca Denniff.

Castles in Space and The British Stereo Collective will donate all profits from this single to Solace Women’s Aid, an organization in Great Britain who works to prevent violence and abuse as well as providing services to meet the individual needs of survivors particularly women and children."

Composed, arranged and produced by Phil Heeks
Rebecca Denniff: Lead vocal
Phil Heeks: All instruments/choir vocals
Mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw

Composer, artist, and producer Phil Heeks of The British Stereo Collective draws his inspiration from classic 70s/80s TV theme compilations, film soundtracks, and sound effects LPs of the era. Read more about Phil's various projects and links to his work.

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