Original Composition Featuring Cherry Audio's Dreamsynth

Jul 20, 2022 | Jon Sheltmire

Musician Jon Sheltmire brings out the "stellar sounds" of Dreamsynth in this original composition.

This is my first recording playing around with the very underrated (in my opinion) Dreamsynth virtual synthesizer by Cherry Audio. I say "underrated" because it doesn't seem to show up on any 'must-have' virtual synth lists, even though it produces stellar sounds.

Dreamsynth features heavily in this track as the primary instrument and source of inspiration, with the following synths comprising the other 2/3rds of the music: OP-Xa (Arturia), Diva (U-he), Modular V (Arturia), Prophet V (Arturia) and the OB-E 8-Voice (GForce). All of these synths are outstanding, of course, but when I'm not trying to remake a famous synth number, my plan is to feature a different VST synth on original compositions whenever I have the chance. In this case, I'm pleased to feature the Dreamsynth because, again, I feel like it deserves more of the spotlight than it seems to be getting. Recorded using Reaper.