Gourlie Records Releases Galactic Pads Presets for Dreamsynth

Nov 15, 2022 | Gourlie Records

(Note: This post is regarding a preset collection designed and provided by a third party. All questions about purchasing, installing, and using the presets must be directed to the provider through the link provided. Cherry Audio does not provide support for third-party products or purchases made outside of its online store.)

Nick of Gourlie Records has released the long-awaited "Galactic Pads," a collection of 46 new presets for Dreamsynth.

"This video is a demo of a preset pack I designed for the amazing Cherry Audio Dreamsynth DS-1. The sound design for entire pack is inspired by the Galactic reverb algorithm within the effects are of the plugin. Almost all of the sounds are large, spacious pads which are great for ambient or epic cinematic soundtracks.

Galactic Pads contains 46 presets and this video is a demo of 37 of them. The reverb algorithm used in Dreamsynth was also turned into its own plugin, which I also made a review on called Cherry Audio Galactic Reverb (below)."

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