Request for Music's F_SYN Demos and Tutorials (Playlist)

Apr 8, 2024 | Hans Holema

Request for Music has released F_SYN, a Voltage Modular rebuild of the late 70s Elektor Formant. Format was a DIY modular synthesizer published in a series of articles in in the magazine Elektor. The F_SYN bundle is on sale until May 1st for $75, and a 14 day demo is available.

RfM has created a YouTube playlist with F_SYN tutorials and demos like the one above.

"The most important modules of the original system have been rebuilt. Some modules that improve the way you can work with the system have been added in a comparable style. The Formant had a Moog-like structure and sound and was originally a semi-modular system. Within Voltage Modular this setup is not possible, so some modules have gotten external inputs for for instance Gate or Envelope."