Finally A Jupiter 4 VST | Cherry Audio Mercury 4

Sep 17, 2021 | Audio Tech TV

In this video I look at the Cherry Audio Mercury 4 VST Emulation of the Jupiter 4 Synthesizer. Cherry Audio Are known for making very high quality emulations and offering them for low prices.

🎢🎡 Sections Of This Cherry Audio Mercury 4 Video 🎡🎢 0:00 Intro To Cherry Audio Mercury 4 0:28 Pricing And OS Compatibility 0:37 Initial Listen To Mercury 4 Presets 1:36 Some Mercury 4 Improvements 1:41 Polyphonic Voices 1:54 Jupiter 4 Patches Vs Mercury 4 Patches 2:10 Presets Included 3:10 Original Factory Presets 3:33 Pad Presets 4:01 Chord Presets 4:54 Space Echo Emulation 5:24 Changes to Reverb 5:38 Sticking With the Original Jupiter 4 Sounds 6:11 Another Excellent Cherry Audio

In this video Zane from Audio Tech TV (formerly Simple Green Tech) looks at the Cherry Audio Mercury 4 VST synth. This is an emulation of the vintage Roland Jupiter 4 synthesizer. The Cherry Audio Mercury 4 delivers on the vintage analog sound that the Jupiter 4 is known for. You get over 300 presets with it, including the original factory presets. If you're looking for a synth that delivers excellent analog sounds from the late 70s and early 80s and doesn't cost a fortune, the Cherry Audio Mercury 4 is for you. It costs just $39 and is definitely worth that and more.

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