"Flight of the Wurlybird" by Mike Martin

Jul 9, 2024 | Mike Martin

When expert sound designer and sample programmer Mike Martin shared his plan to embark on a comprehensive project sampling keyboardist Tom Hammer's 140B — featured in countless recordings and restored by the experts at Vintage Vibe — we eagerly embraced the chance to create Wurlybird 140B, an awe-inspiring sampled instrument based on this rare treasure. Check out Mike's smooth demo of the instrument he helped to bring to life!

"Utilizing Tom Hammer’s salvaged and restored instrument as our source we painstakingly sampled captured the nuance, detail and most importantly the character, of this remarkable instrument. I’m truly honored that Cherry Audio saw the potential in what we had created and worked with us to develop this stunning instrument.

'Flight of the Wurlybird' is my original song – guest appearances by Cherry Audio’s Lowdown and Chroma, plus some drums – all other tracks are from Wurlybird."