Getting Started with Voltage Modular

Jun 13, 2022 | Cherry Audio

If you've just picked up Voltage Modular as part of our Voltage Modular 1500 Module June Celebration Sale, check out these videos to help get you started! We cover all the basics of Voltage Modular and the first steps into the world of modular synthesis. All of the tips in this series can also be applied to the free Voltage Modular Nucleus, so you can follow along no matter what version of Voltage Modular you're using.

Curious about using a hardware modular system with Voltage Modular? We've got that covered!

Here's another look at the basics, this time with Voltage Modular module designer Hans Holema.

Finally, if you're looking for active communities to discuss Voltage Modular, we have a Voltage Modular Forum here on our site. There is also a very active and helpful community of users and developers on Facebook at the Voltage Modular User Group.

Voltage Modular
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