Voltage Modular JUNIORVERB DELUXE+ Demo by Guitarist Ben Smith

Jul 21, 2022 | bensmithguitar

Guitarist Ben Smith demonstrates JUNIORVERB DELUXE+, Waverley Instruments' new amp simulator module for Voltage Modular.

JUNIORVERB DELUXE+ Amp Simulator from Waverley Instruments takes their already wonderful standard JuniorVerb Deluxe and really builds on it with a whole load of new, tweakable options.The JuniorVerb Deluxe+ plus (JVD+) adds the following to the original amp:

  • A choice of speaker size, between 8, 10 and 12 inch.

  • Switchable US/UK speaker character

  • Choice of boost, between TS style and tube drive style

  • Silver/Tweed breakup style breakup settings

  • A completely new, switchable SAG section, to emulate power amp sag

  • L/R phase switch and 'shape' control on the tremolo circuit

  • 3 different tank lengths, circuit order switch, and a REALLY useful tone control on the Reverb