HansiLa: A No-Talking Demo of Mercury-6 and Lowdown

Mar 9, 2023 | HansiLa

Los Angeles-based musician HansiLa is back, this time showcasing preset performances in Mercury-6, along with Lowdown in a supporting role.

"Let's jam on Cherry Audio's VST version of the Roland Jupiter-6: The Mercury-6! As always, the goal with multiple synths on this channel is to see how each instrument sounds with the other and to improve my key and programming chops. With that in mind, there is minimal processing of these sounds. There's no compression or EQ on this piece. I prefer to use another synthesizer (or in this instance, plug-in) to help support the sounds of the synth being showcased. This time around, I used the Lowdown."

00:03 - Playful Days 01:11 - Super Duper Saws 02:05 - Ladybird Lead 03:09 - Aggy Lead 04:24 - Vintage Sci-Fi 05:33 - Traveling Sweeps 06:44 - Bouncing Lead 07:47 - Synthwave Sinks 08:45 - Criminal Arp 09:42 - Saw and Square Boys

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