David Thom on Mercury-6: Overview, Demo Series, and new DTC Presets

Mar 10, 2023 | David Thom Creations

David Thom Creations is posting new Mercury-6 videos including an overview with free presets (above), a demo track based on "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons," and a series of daily performance videos (see below).

"This video is a first look at the new Cherry Audio Mercury-6 software synth VST. I go over how this software came about and the origins of the Jupiter-6 on which its based. There is a basic overview of controls and the intro to my DTC Mercury-6 Vol.1 Presets track created in Logic Pro X. This will be a FREE download until March 31 but you can still 'Pay What You Want' to help support my channel and work."

David Thom Creations - Online store for Presets, Sample Packs, and Freebies

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David is also posting a daily series of six performance videos featuring Mercury-6 between March 9th and March 14th, with a big wrap-up video also featuring Sines and GX-80 on March 17th! Scroll down and Subscribe to keep up with the latest.