Nu-Trix's In-Depth Guide and Review of Mercury-6

Mar 15, 2023 | Nu-Trix The Synth Guy

Nu-Trix the Synth Guy explores the history of the Jupiter-6 and explores the sonic capacities of the new Mercury-6 from Cherry Audio.

"The Roland Jupiter-6 was not simply a Jupiter-8 with less voices. It's a device that had been designed later in the history of synthesizers when digital was becoming the hot ticket. Roland had to make some changes to bring the cost down, and it ended up with a unique sound in the Jupiter family."

00:00 A little Jupiter-6 background

05:29 Mercury-6

07:02 LFO in Mercury-6

07:45 VCO in Mercury-6

11:40 VCF in Mercury-6

14:46 Key Follow & VEL

16:35 Glide, ARP & Assign

18:03 Mercury-6 Layers

21:08 Effects in Mercury-6

22:40 Layers in action

27:23 Mercury-6 In a song

28:37 My 2 cents

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