New Mercury-4 Presets from JD Soundsets

Jul 15, 2022 | James Dyson

(Note: This post is regarding a preset collection designed and provided by a third party. All questions about purchasing, installing, and using the presets must be directed to the provider through the link provided. Cherry Audio does not provide support for third-party products or purchases made outside of its online store.)

James Dyson of JD Soundsets has released his "Mercury Rising Soundset" with 64 interplanetary new presets — arps, basses, leads, pads, and more — for Mercury-4. Check out his demo video for a preview and details on how to purchase. The demo track uses 14 presets included with the soundset and no external effects are used.

An additional track, Space, created with the "Mercury Rising Soundset" has also been posted.

demo presets