New from Dome Music Technologies - Poly Performance Controller

Jan 4, 2024 | Dome Music Technologies

The new Poly Performance Controller module for Voltage Modular from Dome Music Technologies takes a monophonic performance control voltage as input, then applies it so that each voice in a polyphonic patch has unique, independent expression.

"This module takes a standard MIDI controller keyboard and uses some clever key-assignment algorithms to derive pseudo-polyphonic control voltages from monophonic performance controls. It can simulate the effect of polyphonic aftertouch, selective pitch-bend and polyphonic delayed vibrato."

"This video is a deep dive into using the Poly Performance Controller to derive polyphonic aftertouch control from a mono-aftertouch keyboard. It's almost half an hour long, but I think it's time well spent. The first 17 minutes discuss the limitations of using a mono-aftertouch keyboard with a polyphonic synthesizer. The final part of the video demonstrates how the Poly Performance Controller operates to mitigate those limitations."

Voltage Modular