SHARPmodular Introduces ENCORE Sequencer for Voltage Modular

Jun 8, 2022 | Sharp Modular

SHARPmodular has introduced ENCORE, a flexible 8-step sequencer for Voltage Modular. The introdutory video also show TRIPLET, a module with three oscillators and a number of modulation options.

ENCORE is an 8 step sequencer, but with a twist. Every step has a length setting in notelength from 0ff, through 1/32 to 2 bars, next to a knob for pitch. There are overall gate and pitch outputs, but the interface divides the 8 steps into two sets of four steps. Each set has its own pitch and gate output, so can you use up to 4 notes from one set to drive a different oscillator for instance. And each step has its own gate and pitch output giving you as much flexibility as possible. Each step also has its own note and time input, so separate steps could be modulated for instance. You can combine multiple ENCOREs by using the ENDSEQ output to send to the STOP input of the module itself and drive the PLAY input of the next ENCORE.

SHARPmodular's ENCORE is available now in the Cherry Audio store at an introductory price of $5.00 as part of Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular 1500 Module | June Celebration Sale.

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