Solaris Ensemble for Voltage Modular

Aug 4, 2022 | Dome Music Technologies

The Solaris Ensemble module by Dome Music Technologies is a recreation of the tri-chorus ensemble generator found in the ARP / Eminent Solina string machine.

The Solaris Ensemble was created with one purpose in mind - to replicate the bucket-brigade ensemble generator circuit of the Eminent Solina string machine.

In its simplest configuration, you simply plug your source signal into the Input jack, and monitor the signal on the Mono (L) output jack. That's all there is to it - instant dreamy, shimmering chorus adding aural sweetness to anything! You can create a wide stereo image by plugging another cable into the Right output jack and panning the two outputs hard-left and hard-right. Using one Solaris in stereo mode can detract from the density of the ensemble effect, but you can create full, rich stereo by running two units in parallel, offsetting the LFOs by a fixed phase shift.