Allan Marcel's "Cosmic Journey" with Voltage Modular

Sep 16, 2022 | Allan Marcel

Allan Marcel has posted "The Cosmic Journey (A Jornada Cósmica)," an amazing progressive track utilizing Voltage Modular, Miniverse Module Collection, Polymode, Eight Voice, and more. Don't miss it!

"The Moog sounds in this music were made using Miniverse Modules for VM and Miniverse, the synth string sounds in harmony used Voltage Modular Core and Polymode. In the third part of the music, Miniverse Modules for VM and Eight Voice were used. Samples from Mellotron (flute and chorus) and Fender Rhodes Piano were also used, the HaNon Lost in 70s Hammond simulator, Ugritone drums, and of course I play bass along the song."

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"A Música , “The Cosmic Journey” / “A jornada Cósmica”, de minha autoria está dividida em três partes conectadas entre sí, no tom de Lá Menor.

Alguns dos meus compositores favoritos estão homenageados nessa música, perceptíveis para quem gosta de Rock Progressivo / New Age / Hard Rock setentista.

A primeira versão dessa musica se chamava “A fire in the Sky e está disponível no meu canal do youtube, mas depois de mexer tanto no arranjo, resolvi rebatizar a música:

  • A bateria foi reescrita, assim como a linha de baixo,

  • Um solo moog foi acrescentado na introdução, onde a sequência de acordes foi reescrita,

  • Os timbres foram muito modificados, tanto dos sintetizadores quanto da bateria

  • Foi acrescentada uma terceira parte, que foi composta a pouco tempo

  • Os solos da parte rápida também foram reescritos

The Music, “The Cosmic Journey” / “A Jornada Cósmica”, of my authorship is divided into three parts connected to each other, in the key of A Minor. Some of my favorite composers are honored in this song, noticeable for those who like Progressive Rock / New Age / 70s Hard Rock. The first version of this song was called “A fire in the Sky and is available on my youtube channel, but after messing with the arrangement so much, I decided to rename the song:

  • The drums have been rewritten, as well as the bass line

  • A moog solo was added in the intro, where the chord sequence was rewritten

  • The timbres have been greatly modified, both from the synths and the drums

  • A third part was added, which was composed recently

  • The solos of the fast part were also rewritten.

Have fun and thanks for watching!"

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