Tim Shoebridge Reviews Mercury-4

Jul 19, 2022 | Tim Shoebridge | SOUND MANGLING

We recently invited Tim Shoebridge of Sound Mangling to spend some time with the Mercury-4 synthesizer, and he has posted a review video in which he praises the synth for its "sound and simplicity." He walks through the features and demonstrates Mercury-4's classic sound, citing the "warm and analog" tones.

Tim is also the developer of a number fantastic modules for Voltage Modular that extend the platform to external synthesizers and gear, such as the PolyChain DIY bundle, the PPG Polyphonic Pressure Generator, and the acclaimed NymphCC and NymphCV modules for the Dreadbox Nymphes hardware analog synthesizer.

Our thanks to Tim for taking the time to so capably demonstrate Mercury-4. And in case you missed it, Mercury-4 has just been updated to 1.50, and can be yours during our Celestial Sale for only $29 until August 18th.