Updated: Voltage Modular Cyclic Oscillations by Umbrella Modular

Jun 10, 2022 | Umbrella and Collider Modular

(Updated with new video content June 10, 2022)

Umbrella Modular is a new developer partnership between Titus Stone (Collider Modular) and Matthijs Vanamsterdam (the Dreamscape project and planet.6) has released their first module bundle, Cyclic Oscillations. The bundle consists of six modules aimed at CV processing and cycling modulation. It includes four low frequency oscillators, also capable of audio rate, and two CV mixers for mangling, twisting, and mixing CV to create all kinds of new modulation sources. Cyclic Oscillations is now available in the Cherry Audio Store.

Updated April 1, 2022, a closer look at the Mixers:

Updated June 7, 2022, using LFOs at audio rate to create sub-oscillators and noise:

Updated June 10, 2022, DIY Percussion

Voltage Modular
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