VST Synthesizer - Cherry Audio Quadra

Dec 20, 2021 | HRS Courses

HRS Courses: The Quadra of Cherry Audio is a virtual synthesizer plugin that is inspired by the famous ARP Quadra synthesizer which was released in 1978. This virtual version holds many aspects of the original, but they also wildly expanded it with some great features. In this video we explain how to install the plugin and we show you around the many possibilities and presets. The plugin is available at the Cherry Audio website for just 39 dollars and there is also a 30-day trial version available. So check it out.0:00 intro 0:55 Cherry Audio website 1:10 Installer 1:50 How the Quadra works 6:47 Playing the sounds MORE INFORMATION https://cherryaudio.com/ https://www.hrscourses.com/blog/142-vst-syntheziser-cherry-audio-quadra