CR-78 Drum Machine Version History

Build 92 (2/21/2024)

  • Fixed Cubase glitch when Host Sync turned on and playback started at Measure 1, due to Cubase reporting a negative playback position.

  • Fixed drum pattern playback stopping when host playback position changes with Host Sync turned off.

1.0.11 (2/19/2024)

  • Fixed issue with multi-out version that caused individual outputs for some of the instruments to fall silent when oversampling is turned on.

Build 89 (2/19/2024)

  • Added factory fills to COPY menu.

  • Multi-out output instrument volumes reduced by -6 dB.

  • Multi-out output sounds now properly affected by velocity.

  • Fixed obscure issue with pasting some patterns during playback.

1.0.10 Build 87 (2/14/2024)

  • Initial Release