Mercury-6 Version History

Build 88 (April 1st, 2024)

  • Fix for lower-panel arpeggiator "Down" setting incorrectly playing "Up-Down" pattern.

Build 87 (April 3rd, 2023)

  • Increased max VCF Keyboard tracking amount to 120%, to match hardware specs.

  • Eliminated potential for distortion when overdriving reverb effects.

Build 85 (March 9th, 2023)

  • The Jupiter-6 will steal voices, but only when the sustain pedal is down. Mercury-6 now emulates that behavior.

Build 84 (March 7th, 2023)

  • Fixed the demo mode message

1.0.5 Build 83 (March 7th, 2023)

  • Initial Release