Voltage Modular Year Two Anniversary Sale!

Cherry Audio is thrilled to announce the start of our Year Two Celebration! Can you believe Voltage Modular has been going strong for 2 years? Our modular synthesis platform has grown to feature 700 amazing modules crafted by dozens of clever developers, all created for our 110,000 users! Now that’s cause for celebration.

And we’ve got a fantastic celebration in store for you! Now through September 15th, we’ve got some fantastic deep discounts to offer. Plus, we’ve got some very exciting – perhaps even historic – new module announcements. Let’s get right to it!

Cherry Audio Year Two Collection

The Cherry Audio Year Two Collection assembles all of our killer modules from Voltage Modular's second year, including SynthVoice, SynthVoice Filter, DCO-60, VCF-60, Chorus-60, AirWave, Poly AirWave, AirVector, AirStep, FM Station, Poly FM Station, EG Station, Poly EG Station, and the brand-new Polymode Synthesizer module (below!), at an incredible price. Normally $100, we’re offering the Year Two Collection for the astounding price of only $50 during our Year Two Celebration!

Polymode Synthesizer

Cherry Audio’s new Polymode Synthesizer is a complete instrument inspired by the legendary 1970’s Polymoog synthesizer. One of the world's first polyphonic synthesizers, it excels at large pads, strings, and vocal-esque sounds, and its unique multiple filter implementation and mod routings gives it a sound like no other synth. As a module for Voltage Modular, incredible new sonic possibilities emerge, due to a wealth of modulation inputs and modular outputs.

The Polymode Synthesizer, normally $29, is on sale for only $15 during our Year Two Celebration! It comes with dozens of presets, including the original factory presets. 

We’ve created a video that explores every aspect of this great-sounding, yet truly bizarre, polyphonic synthesizer masterpiece.

The Legendary Syndrum – Reborn After 45 Years!

Invented by Joe Pollard and Mark Barton in 1975, the Pollard Syndrum was the world's first commercially manufactured electronic drum synthesizer. It appeared on many influential tracks, including "Good Times Roll" by The Cars, and "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty, as well as having a major impact on the late 70s disco sound. After 45 years, the Syndrum is reborn as an exciting new set of modules for Voltage Modular. Precisely modeled by the original inventor, the Syndrum and Poly Syndrum modules are a fantastic source of both classic and complex electronic drum sounds.

The new MRB Syndrum Bundle is now available for the remarkably low introductory sale price of $25.00 during the Year Two Celebration!

In his highly entertaining essay, The Syndrum Saga, original inventor Mark Barton tells the history of the Syndrum, and discusses all the moments of inspiration that led to its development. Cherry Audio's Mitchell Sigman has also created a short video documentary on the history of the Syndrum, from its original 1975 inception to its modern-day rebirth in 2020. Check out Syndrum: The Electronic Drum:

MRB Luxury Filter Bundle

MRB is also proud to premiere the new Luxury Filter Bundle. This stunning collection contains detailed models of highly desirable (and extremely expensive!) hardware filters, based on classic filter designs from Moog, Oberheim, Buchla, Mutable Instruments, and other legendary companies.

The MRB Luxury Filter Bundle includes the Syrup Filter Bundle, Mood Filter Bundle, Oberfilter Bundle, Lowpass Gate Bundle, WahWah Bundle, and the Agile Filter Bank. Best of all, this package is on sale for only $69 during the Year Two Celebration!

Unfiltered Audio Distortion Bundle

For nearly a decade, Unfiltered Audio has been creating high-quality, award-winning effects and instrument plug-ins. Now they’re bringing their DSP expertise to Voltage Modular! 

Their new Distortion Bundle includes three deep modules for processing and mangling incoming signals. Dent Crusher provides stereo digital degradation, Indent specializes in stereo analog-style saturation, and Fusion is a unique multi-mode mixer and signal collider featuring algorithms from their popular LION synthesizer.

Normally $30, this phenomenal package is on sale for just $20 during the Year Two Celebration!

Incredible Module Offers! Up To 67% Off!

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the incredible Year Two Celebration offers available from our module designers. Remarkable discounts of up to 67% are available on modules from Vult, PSP, Andrew Macaulay, Benard, Sonobiosis, Monkey Business Audio, Weevil, Hype Audio, Granucon, HetrickCV, and more! 

In addition, we're offering 50% off Voltage Modular Core and Ignite! We're even extending the Voltage Modular Nucleus FREE offer for the foreseeable future. 

Please visit the Year Two Anniversary Sale Page to see all currently available discounts!

The Cherry Audio Year Two Sale is happening NOW through September 15th! Thanks to everyone for your continued support. We sincerely appreciate it, especially during this crazy year! Happy patching!


Aug 31, 2020